cold brew coffee bag on a log

What? You can make cold brew on a camping trip? Yes. Making your own cold brew is probably the best choice for an overnight outdoor adventure. Here’s why: 1. It’s Easy to Prepare Once your campsite is set-up, you can prep coffee for the next morning.  Simply drop a cold brew pack in water. Cover.  […]

Coronavirus in Guatemala: Part 2 1

Chajul, Guatemala Last week, some 1,200 small-scale farmers in the remote highlands of Guatemala received a month’s worth of basic foodstuffs from Asociacion Chajulense, the cooperative they co-own and manage. The food supplies are meant to support farmers during the coronavirus pandemic, and it was funded, in part, by your coffee purchases. Food Costs are […]

Coronavirus in Guatemala: Part 1 2

San Marcos, Guatemala Coffee farmers in Guatemala are facing many of the same challenges as those in Colombia. (See our update from Cauca, Colombia, here). “The hardest is to plan, not knowing what is coming down the road,” Carlos Reynoso, general manager of Manos Campesinas, said in a May 29th interview. Manos Campesinas and Apecaform […]

view of mountainside from porch in colombia

In the United States, our supply chains, health care systems, public institutions and economy have all been put to the test by coronavirus. But how has life changed for coffee farmers? So many coffee producers live with little-to-no access to social services or emergency government support during normal times. Has this pandemic exacerbated those vulnerabilities? In […]

Juneteenth: the Reason & the Reality 3

Written by Dawn Daniels McNear Many people ask, “What is Juneteenth? What’s wrong with the Fourth of July? Why does everything have to be about separation? Can’t we all just get along?” The quick answers are African-American Freedom Day, everything and nothing, it’s not and yes, but it takes everyone being invested in diversity, equity […]

Share Kindness with Coffee 4

Kindness goes a long way. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been heartened by the stories of kindness. Small acts that are seemingly insignificant in a world where we’re trying navigating a pandemic and hundreds of years of racism. Small, random acts of kindness give us hope. The moms who’ve employed their […]

Cold brew filter packs package

Step-by-Step Instructions for at-home Cold Brew Looking for ways to keep cool and caffeinate? Make cold brew at home. It’s cheaper than buying it at already brewed. It allows you to control the strength of your coffee. And, if you use our pre-portioned, pre-ground filter packs, it’s the easiest clean-up ever. (Yes. Ever.) Here’s how […]

brewing coffee outside

If you’re brewing more coffee at home these days, you might want to experiment a little. Pour-over brewing allows you to control the variables that impact cup quality, rather than letting a machine do it for you. There’s a whole world of pour-over devices out there. Below is a recipe for a Hario V60 – […]

Fight Climate Change with Sustainable Coffee: Plant Trees in Peru's Coffeelands 5

Long before COVID-19 entered our lives, sustainable coffee was working to combat a price crisis in specialty coffee and also do its part to combat the climate crisis. Specialty coffee farmers worldwide were being drastically underpaid for their contributions to the industry and the planet was on-track for suffering irreparable damage at the hands of […]

brewing coffee at home using a scale and various brew methods

You’re brewing more coffee at home nowadays. And with that comes some questions. Our on-staff Specialty Coffee Trainers respond to some commonly asked questions. Frequently asked questions include: What are popular brew methods?How do I know what grind-size to use?What’s the best way to experiment when brewing coffee at home?What variables impact coffee flavor?How hot […]

roasted coffee beans

All of us here at Cafe Campesino are working diligently to do what we can to help “flatten the curve” and reduce the transmission of COVID-19. We are also focused on maintaining operations as is feasible and appropriate so that we can continue to serve all of the folks – from crop to cup – […]

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Like many of you, we are deeply concerned about the impact of COVID-19 and are making every effort to keep our staff and customers informed and safe and to mitigate the spread of this virus. In both our roastery and our coffee house cleanliness, sanitation and food safety are of utmost importance. We already have […]