Cold brew filter packs package

Step-by-Step Instructions for at-home Cold Brew

Looking for ways to keep cool and caffeinate?

Make cold brew at home. It’s cheaper than buying it at already brewed. It allows you to control the strength of your coffee. And, if you use our pre-portioned, pre-ground filter packs, it’s the easiest clean-up ever. (Yes. Ever.)

Here’s how it works:

1. Assemble Your Materials

Summer Coffee Must-Have: Cold Brew Filter Packs 1

You’ll need one cold brew filter pack, water and a pitcher.
(If possible, use a wide-mouthed pitcher; it will be easier to remove the filter pack after brewing).

2. Drop Cold Brew Pack into Pitcher

Summer Coffee Must-Have: Cold Brew Filter Packs 2

For ready-to-drink Cold Brew, use one filter pack. If you want a Cold Brew concentrate, use two filter packs.

3. Add Water

Summer Coffee Must-Have: Cold Brew Filter Packs 3

With one filter pack, use about 24-36 oz. of room-temperature or cold water. Use filtered water for best results.

4. Let Coffee & Water Soak

Summer Coffee Must-Have: Cold Brew Filter Packs 4

Now, do nothing. Really. Just let the water and coffee soak together for 12-24 hours.
You can leave it on the counter during this time; no refrigeration necessary during brewing.

5. Remove Coffee Filter Pack

Summer Coffee Must-Have: Cold Brew Filter Packs 5

After your desired amount of brew time, remove the filter pack. Anyone who’s ever cold-brewed before knows the pain with cold brewing is removing those coffee grounds. Yes, you can do your best to contain them, but often they go all over the place. That’s why these filter packs are so great. You simply remove the pack from your cold-brewed coffee, and the clean up is done.

IMPORTANT: Remove the filter-pack carefully. After 12+ hours of soaking, the coffee grounds can get heavy, and the pack can easily tear. You don’t want that. Be gentle, yet confident when you remove your filter pack.

6. Pour Yourself Some Cold Brew

Summer Coffee Must-Have: Cold Brew Filter Packs 6

Taste the good stuff. If you brewed using two or more packs, dilute with water. Otherwise, pour over ice & enjoy.

7. Store the Rest in the Fridge

Summer Coffee Must-Have: Cold Brew Filter Packs 7

Ready-to-Drink cold brew is good for 7 days refrigerated. Concentrates can remain fresh for up to 14 days refrigerated.

Don’t waste another second.
Get some Cold Brew Filter Packs

Cold brew Filter pack bag
There are five 3.2 oz. cold brew filter packs in each 1 LB bag.
That’s about 20 servings of cold brew coffee per bag.


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