Local Groundz Takes LaGrange, GA coffee to a new level

If you are in the LaGrange, GA area and are looking for a great cup of coffee in a uniquely bright and inviting space, you are in luck. Local Groundz is taking coffee quality to a new level and we are pretty psyched to be part of their growing business. I recently had a chance to speak with Local Groundz owner Philip Abbott about the coffeehouse and their plans for the future.

Café Campesino: What compelled you all to want to start Local Groundz?  

Philip Abbott: We wanted to create a community-oriented service business built around The Thread, our walking trail. The Thread is a 12-foot wide path in LaGrange that is designed for walking, running and biking. The path is a non-motorized, multi-purpose trail built to increase the health and wellness of the community.

CC: How has the city of LaGrange responded to the café?  

PA: The city has responded well and been very supportive. All ages and groups have made the coffee shop an integral part of their week and routine and our café is often the first thing a visitor experiences when in LaGrange.

Local Groundz Takes LaGrange, GA coffee to a new level 1
LaGrange’s Local Groundz coffeehouse

CC: How did you all find Café Campesino? What led you all to choose to partner with us?

PA: We found Café Campesino while looking for a coffee roaster that was local to Georgia and that had similar values and goals to our own.

CC: What is LG’s most popular coffee drink?  

PA: Our cold brew is our signature drink (and it is delicious, for real) with different versions depending on a customer’s individual tastes.

Local Groundz Takes LaGrange, GA coffee to a new level 2
Local Groundz employees representing.

CC: What is your vision for the future of Local Groundz?  

PA: We want to expand our reach to surrounding areas and bring good products, experience, and community service to the area. We are looking forward to having a full service Coffee Trailer for events and a drive-thru for quick product delivery on the go. We want to be a landmark in the communities we serve.

Thanks to Philip for taking the time to tell us about Local Groundz. And if you are in the LaGrange area, do yourself a favor and stop by. You will not be disappointed.

October 11, 2021
BY Matt Earley
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