Koinonia Farm: Embracing and Creating Community In Southwest Georgia

Koinonia Farm is a gem of a community that sits just outside of Americus, GA. It was founded in 1942 by Clarence and Florence Jordan and Martin and Mabel England as a “demonstration plot for the kingdom of God.” This meant a community of believers sharing their lives and resources, following the example of the first Christian communities as described in the Acts of the Apostles. Cafe Campesino has partnered with Koinonia for years and we have supported each other in many ways and collaborated on projects including our Koinonia coffee. As a matter of fact, Koinonia was our first wholesale customer when we started up over 20 years ago.

We recently spoke with with Koinonia community member Steve Krout about the farm, his role there, and (of course) his favorite coffee.

Koinonia Farm: Embracing and Creating Community In Southwest Georgia 1
Community member Steve Krout

Cafe Campesino: What is your role at Koinonia?

Steve: First and foremost, I’m a member of the community. For work, I mainly oversee our shipping operation and help take care of our guests who come for 1-3 months to stay and serve alongside us. 

CC: How long have you lived in the community?

Steve: Six and a half years.

Koinonia Farm: Embracing and Creating Community In Southwest Georgia 2
Community member Kathleen Monts

CC: What do you like best about being a member of the Koinonia family?

Steve: I like the rhythms of work and prayer and how they are woven together in this place. I love being a part of a people dedicated to creating a space where all people are welcome. 

CC: What does a day on the farm look like for you?

Steve: We begin our weekdays by gathering in our chapel for prayer, singing, readings and reflection. After that, I usually move right into shipping our products all over the world! My afternoons consist of a mixture of office work and/or landscaping. In the summer, I’m often picking blueberries or muscadines and scuppernongs before we gather in the chapel. There’s a lot of communal gatherings sprinkled throughout my day…like communal lunch at noontime. And, no day is complete without a healthy amount of shenanigans and dad jokes.

Koinonia Farm: Embracing and Creating Community In Southwest Georgia 3
Community member Norris Harris

CC: If there was one thing that you have learned living in the community that you want the rest of the world to know, what would that be?

Steve: We belong to each other. Too often we give into the illusion of separateness that leads us towards division and hatred. At our core, we all desire to love and to be loved. As Thomas Merton said, “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” 

CC: What do you envision the farm and community will be like in 10 years?

Steve: Faithful to the call to love God and to love our neighbors by carrying on the tradition of prayer, hospitality, and service.

CC: Are you a coffee drinker? If so, what kind of coffee do you prefer?

Steve: I drink coffee socially! A lot of us gather together during the weekdays for coffee at our 10:15 break in the morning. We drink the Koinonia Blend, of course. I lived most of my 35 years on this earth without having a single sip of coffee. My first cup of coffee, maybe 4 years ago, was a cup of Colombia French Roast from Cafe Campesino. I’ve grown to appreciate coffee more and more as the days go by.

To find out more about Koinonia, their incredible community, and ways to take part and/or support, please visit their website. And if you’d like to try their most excellent coffee blend, you can check it out here.

July 17, 2021
BY Matt Earley
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