5 Reasons You'll Love our Coffee Subscription 1

Subscribe and save. We’ve all heard it. Cleaning supplies, copy paper, toiletries… Enter: Coffee. If you don’t currently have a coffee subscription, you should give it a try. We have a feeling you’ll love it. Here’s why: 1. Set it and Forget it This is the most fun part. You know you’re going to drink […]

Coffee Price Transparency Pledge with a coffee bean at the center

In solidarity with coffee producers, our customers, and ethical coffee companies around the world, we are making a commitment to be fully transparent in our coffee buying. What does the Transparency Pledge Mean for Cafe Campesino? For years, we have posted online the prices we pay farmer cooperatives. But today we are making a commitment […]

Coffee Cocktails- lemon, orange, basil, bourbon and vodka on display

Why Yirgacheffe Coffee is great on ice A long-time favorite of Cafe Campesino, the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia consistently produces bright, floral, light-bodied coffees. In the heat of the summer, these lemon-citrus flavors practically beg for iced coffee cocktails. Yes, you can enjoy it hot or without booze (and we do!). But brewing Yirgacheffe as […]

Espresso brewing into a white demitasse cup.

One of the biggest equipment costs for any coffee shop will be its espresso machine. This purchasing decision is important and can be complicated for a variety of reasons. Common Mistakes in Buying Espresso Machines The two most common mistakes people make when purchasing espresso machines is either underpaying or overpaying. Before making your purchase, […]

Key Questions to Ask Before Opening a Coffee Shop 2

Here are some of the key questions we believe every aspiring coffee-shop owner should be asking themselves before starting a coffee business.

PeachDish supports farmers.

Atlanta meal kit service puts sustainable farmers & food first. PeachDish, a national meal kit service based in Atlanta, exists to enrich and nourish lives through good food. They have high standards. They are an industry leader in quality, creativity and customer service. They’re also building transparent, innovative, and wholesome food systems.  Every day, PeachDish […]

Our Favorite Coffees: Staff picks for 2018 3

Specialty coffee is incredibly seasonal. Not only is it grown and harvested seasonally (like all agricultural products), but consumer preferences also change according to seasons. Sometimes you prefer a darker roast when it’s cold outside- a lighter roast when it’s hot. The following is a winter 2018 selection from our staff- what we’re drinking and […]

Bill, Yuri, Esperanza, Tripp and Carlos all discuss Fair Trade, organic coffee.

L-R: Bill Harris, Yuri Pilliume, Esperanza Dionisio, Tripp Pomeroy and Carlos Reynoso, discuss challenges and opportunities in the fair trade, organic coffee industry. As a part of our 20th anniversary festivities, we have welcomed leaders of fair trade coffee cooperatives to celebrate with us in Americus Oct. 5-6.   Yuri Pilliume of Colombia’s Fondo Paez, Esperanza […]

Cafe Campesino coffee educator Hannah Mercer travelling to coffee origin in Peru

I’ll be the first to admit that when I began working in coffee, I didn’t really understand it.  Between being hired at Cafe Campesino and working my first shift, I did a little studying about roast profiles, drinks, and fair trade – but I honestly didn’t know how coffee was grown. I was NEW to […]

Cafe Campesino celebrates 20 years this year.

Some 20 years after meeting a coffee farmer on a Habitat for Humanity trip, Bill Harris will join Habitat again, returning to the very town where he was inspired to start Café Campesino- San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. This Nov. 10-18, 2018,“Back-to -Guatemala” service trip will organize volunteers to build smokeless stoves in homes around San […]

Wood Thrush lives in shade-grown coffee farms.

About the size of an Eastern Blue Bird, the Wood Thrush is a small, reddish-brown bird whose color descends into spots on its white chest and belly.  Weighing about 40-50 grams, this reclusive bird uses its song to establish its territory in the early mornings. Then, it descends into the forest to forage, scratching up […]

Home made cold brew iced coffee instructions by Hannah Mercer AST

Here’s Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer Hannah Mercer’s recipe for cold brew you can make at home. It produces coffee with a creamier mouthfeel, much less acidity, and enhances different flavor notes of a coffee than a method using hot water.