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at Morningside Farmers’ Market

Place your order below anytime between Sunday and 12pm on Thursdays, and we will have your coffee ready for pickup on Saturday Morning. We are no longer taking credit card information online, so please be sure to bring your credit card to the market.

Important: Unfortunately we will not be at the market on Saturday April 10, so any orders placed here before that date will be available on Saturday April 17.

Market Address:
1393 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306  Pickup from Saturday 8:00-11:00 am.

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Remember you must order before 12pm Thursday for Saturday pickup. Orders placed after this time will be available the following week.

Currently available

Morningside Market 1Colombia Medium – 1lb

Tucked in the heart of the Cordillera Central mountains of Cauca, Colombia, the Nasa people who make up the farmer co-op of Fondo Paez, produce some of the world’s best coffee. We roast this coffee …

Morningside Market 2Critical Mass French – 1lb

A powerful, dark-roast blend of coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia and Sumatra, Critical Mass is a favorite of coffee drinkers who like something a little bold. It is notable for being both …
Critical Mass French – 1lb

Morningside Market 3Ethiopia Sidama Full City- 1lb

Ethiopian natural, or “unwashed” coffees are characteristic for their berry and fruit-like flavor. This coffee has a sweet, berry, fruity flavor with a creamy body and medium-to-high acidity. A …
Ethiopia Sidama Full City- 1lb

Morningside Market 4Guatemala – 1lb

A sweet, caramel-like cup with nutty, almond notes, this Guatemala Full City roast is one of our best-selling coffees. Guatemala is where the story of Cafe Campesino began- on a Habitat for …
Guatemala – 1lb

Morningside Market 5Mad Poet Blend Viennese – 1lb

A blend of Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Sumatran coffees, Mad Poet is full-bodied with a roast profile that brings a little heft for cooler weather but does not overpower the bright acidity …
Mad Poet Blend Viennese – 1lb

Morningside Market 6Nicaragua Medium Roast – 1lb

This fair trade, organic coffee is light-bodied with an herbal fragrance and a light floral, fruity flavor. It is produced by members of the PROCOCER cooperative of the Las Segovias region of …
Nicaragua Medium Roast – 1lb

Morningside Market 7Peru (Pangoa) – CAC Pangoa – 1lb

This fair trade, organic coffee is a smooth, medium-bodied coffee with a sweet, fruity aroma and flavor with chocolate notes, clear, sweet acidity, and a nice balance with a sweet aftertaste. …
Peru (Pangoa) – CAC Pangoa – 1lb

Morningside Market 8Sumatra Viennese

The all-female cooperative, Kokowagayo produces this earthy, sweet cup of fair trade, organic coffee that’s well-balanced with a smooth, medium body. We give this single-origin coffee a Viennese …
Sumatra Viennese

Morningside Market 9Decaf Full City

If you are looking for an outstanding decaf coffee without a smoky flavor, this is it! This natural water processed decaf coffee has a nice floral fragrance and sweet aroma. It is medium-bodied with …
Decaf Full City

Morningside Market 10Cold Brew Filter Pack

The perfect way to make iced coffee at home. Known for its low-acidity, cold brew coffee is brewed by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours. In this Cold Brew pack, we have done …
Cold Brew Filter Pack