Hurricane Eta in Nicaragua

Hurricane Eta passed through northeastern Nicaragua on Tuesday afternoon.

There have been reports of landslides that have caused the loss of some homes and farms for PROCOCER and CECOCAFEN/La Providencia farmers.

As of Nov. 4, there were fortunately no reports of loss of life. 

There is no major risk of losing the harvest, because the coffee cherries have not yet ripened, and coffee clings better to the tree when it’s still green.

As of Nov. 4, there was a risk of landslides that can affect farms, homes and roadways to coffee communities. 

This is footage of the Wiwilí river that separates Wiwilí de Nueva Segovia and Jinotega where la Providencia is based.

After hitting Nicaragua, Eta made its way through northeastern Honduras and is now a tropical storm in the Caribbean.

We will share additional producer updates as we receive information.

November 6, 2020
BY Café Campesino
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