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All of us here at Cafe Campesino are working diligently to do what we can to help “flatten the curve” and reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

We are also focused on maintaining operations as is feasible and appropriate so that we can continue to serve all of the folks – from crop to cup – whose livelihoods depend on us.  Roasting and shipping our fair trade, organic specialty coffee is the best way for us to do this.

So, today, we’re asking for your help. Please:

The Time is Now: Community, Cooperation & Collaboration Have Never Been More Important 1

We, like all other small businesses, are counting on our supporters and their communities to help us survive this crisis.  We have come so far in these past 20 years, building a business committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of small-scale coffee farmers and our loyal customers who share the same mission. 

With your support, we stand a good chance of weathering this storm so that we can continue the important work of building community through cooperation and collaboration. Thank you.

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