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Bourbon Coffee CocktailThink of this bourbon coffee cocktail as what happens when a Manhattan meets brunch. In a good way. This recipe's got just enough iced coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice in it that you don't realize you're drinking bourbon for breakfast. Try making it at home.
Vodka Coffee Cocktail: Tulsi-Yirg SpritzerKick-off a fun summer weekend with this vodka coffee cocktail. With freshly brewed iced coffee, seasonal basil and sparkling water as key ingredients, your senses will be humming before you take your first sip.
Coconut Iced LatteWhat could be more cooling than coconut milk blended with iced espresso on a hot summer day in the south, or anywhere for that matter?
Coffee Cherry ColaWhy not combine two of your favorite things into a frosty, citrusy treat that goes down easy on a hot afternoon? This recipe uses iced espresso and is garnished with an orange sugar rim.
Golden Iced LatteTurmeric is the secret ingredient for this stunning iced latte made with fair trade cold brew espresso, and before you say anything, consider that "Golden Milk" is one of the oldest and most effective medicines in the world.
Dirty Iced ChaiThis is our favorite proportion of chai tea to cold brew espresso, but you can adjust to your taste, the temperature outside, or to suit your mood. Drinking chai, which has 'heating' spices like cinnamon, ginger and clove, actually helps cool your body in the summertime by increasing circulation to your skin.
Plains Peanut Butter FrappeInspired by the flurry of peanut activity that happens in neighboring Plains, Ga., this delicious summer treat includes a little coffee (of course). We recommend using peanut butter ice cream sourced from Bobby Salter's store in Plains, but if for some reason you don't have access, any peanut butter ice cream would do.
Lavender Iced LatteLooking for a way to incorporate some of your herbs into home coffee drinks? This delightful recipe calls for blending a little lavender syrup into your coffee. We searched the internet for a simple lavender syrup recipe to get us started. Find your favorite and have fun.
Cafe Campesino Wake ‘N ShakeHURRY, HURRY, YOU'RE RUNNING LATE!! Sounds like the perfect time for a Café Campesino Wake ‘N Shake. When you take breakfast on the go, this is the drink for you!
Coffee GranitaThis refreshingly light summertime dessert is kind of like a coffee snow cone. Sicily is the birthplace of granitas, where the slushy semi-frozen flavored ices are enjoyed thoughout the hot day, but mostly for breakfast along with freshly baked brioche.
Mint Mocha FrappeThis refreshing treat is guaranteed to put you in the summer mood! It’s a delightful mixture of mint, chocolate, and espresso. Mix one up and get energized for fun in the sun.
BRAG Iced MochaThis is our production recipe for BRAG Mochas - a tasty afternoon treat we serve cyclists during the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia that is held for one week every summer. This keeps hundreds of cyclists energized. Scale-it-up to serve your own crew of under-caffeinated outdoor enthusiasts.
Iced AmericanoWhen it’s too hot for coffee, don’t fret; an iced Americano is the perfect way to get your fix and keep your cool. This “cold brew method” will yield a large amount of espresso that will keep fresh for at least a week.
Coffee Pound CakeCafe Campesino Coffee Pound Cake can quickly become a favorite go-to, and once you master the process of swirling two batters together, the flavor combinations are endless!
Western Style BurgersThese open-faced burgers may not be low in calories, but man, are they flavorful! And, of course, the addition of Café Campesino coffee to the recipe makes the dish. You could do one better and choose White Oak Pastures Georgia-grown, humane and grassfed ground beef.
Espresso FlanCafé Campesino's Coffee Training Lab educator Hannah Mercer A.S.T calls espresso "a magnifying glass for coffee" in her latest blog post 'How To Taste Espresso For Quality.' This espresso-infused flan (aka. creme caramel) is a deceptively simple recipe to showcase your favorite coffee flavors in a stunning dessert that never fails to impress everyone.
Moist Chocolate CakeThis moist chocolate cake with vanilla 'flour buttercream' icing is made with Cafe Campesino fair trade, organic coffee. It was taught to us by our former wholesale coffee customer service manager and has been our 'go-to' chocolate cake recipe ever since.
Greek Coffee FrappeFor the past thirty years, this has been the preferred coffee preparation method in Greece. This recipe is a great way to make a naturally foamy frappe.
Coffee Bananas FosterThe flavors of New Orleans Creole cuisine combine indigenous ingredients with Spanish-influenced spices and French-American culinary flair, and this Bananas Foster recipe is a wonderful example - the addition of brewed coffee makes it very special indeed. 
Irish Coffee CakeThis is a very good, sophisticated adult cake. you can also make the cake in muffin tins, using the smaller cakes as individual portions with chocolate covered espresso beans or chocolate shavings on top.
Irish Coffee MuffinsNow you don't have to justify having a wee nip in the morning to cure what ails you. Get ready for everyone's favorite Irish holiday with our spiked coffee muffins before the whiskey runs out.
Espresso ZabaglioneThis classic Italian dessert is usually spooned into glasses and served warm, but it also makes a great sauce for ice cream!
Cinnamon Mocha CoffeeThis spiced-up version of drip coffee is good any time of year, with cinnamon as a healthy supplement that wards off viruses.
Coffee GrogThe holidays may be over, but the festivities carry on. This month the staff at Café Campesino Coffee House brings you a delicious spiced coffee drink perfect for gatherings of family or friends.
Ho-Ho HolidayChristmas is coming and we have a gift for your taste buds! This month we feature our Ho Ho Holiday Coffee recipe. This festive concoction brings together the taste of Café Campesino coffee, rich dark chocolate, and peppermint.
Coffee Bean TrufflesThese chocolate truffles are not only delicious, luxurious and packed with fairtrade coffee flavor, they are also extremely easy to make. So you can look like you bought something fancy, and then say, "Actually, I made them myself!"
Capriland’s Favorite Christmas CookiesFair Grounds newsletter editor Lynn Nichols has had this offering from Caprilands Herb Farm in Connecticut in her recipe box for years. They're deliciously spicy, with an extra holiday zing that could only come from coffee!
Thanksgiving Pumpkin LatteHere's an imaginative way to serve Cafe Campesino Fair Trade coffee when you're done feasting. Presenting the Post-Thanksgiving Pumpkin Latte!
Coffee Honey HamForget the tired old ways of cooking your holiday ham. This recipe for preparing your favorite holiday ham is sure to liven up your feast. Ours is a Heritage pork 'Picnic Roast' humanely raised by our good friends down the road at White Oak Pastures. Just make sure to save some for leftovers!
Coffee Pecan PieHere's a new twist on a perennial holiday favorite. Serve it on Thanksgiving, as a delightful finish to the feast!
Coffee Bath SaltsDon't worry, these aren't the kind of 'bath salts' that turn people into flesh-eating zombies... Instead, this unconventional coffee recipe makes a great do-it-yourself gift idea. But don't eat them!
Spicy Halloween Ginger CakeThis spicy ginger-apple cake is studded with chocolate chips and goes great with a cup of The Dark Side French Roast, or your favorite Cafe Campesino single origin coffee.
Coffee Spice-Grind RubWith grilling season in full swing, here's a spice rub that brings an intriguing flavor to beef, pork, chicken or duck.
Easy Espresso Pumpkin PieFind out what espresso adds to traditional pumpkin pie, energize your pumpkins with this delicious seasonal recipe! While you're defying convention, why not try a scoop of coffee ice cream instead of whipped cream?
Gingersnap Scones with Espresso GlazeWe amended a recipe from Cooking Light magazine to come up with this delicious breakfast treat. Talk about a double hit — Fair Trade coffee in your cup, Fair Trade coffee in your scones.
Sumatran Java MarinadeThis marinade was inspired by a trip to visit our Indonesian trading partners at Permato Gayo. It works very well on London Broil or Steak, but would also be pretty tasty on pork or your next shish kebab experiment. A great use for leftover black coffee (the stronger the better), marinaded and grilled flank steak pairs well with an Asian-inspired chopped salad or simple grilled corn and tomatoes.
Pumpkin Spice LatteAlright everyone, seems like it gets earlier every year, but like it or not, the arrival of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes means the trees will soon be turning and then the holidays are right around the corner. Cafe Campesino's fair trade version of the PSL is a totally delectable drink made with real pumpkin so you get that beyond-basic, rich flavor that says "soon we will be raking leaves."
Cappuccino BiscottiThe dark coffee, pecans and chocolate chips give these low-fat cookies a marvelous flavor. Enjoy one with a steaming cup of Café Campesino for a (relatively) guilt-free snack or coffee break.
Mocha de MexicoTry this tasty drink brought to us by our neighbors and important trading partners to the south. It’s a delicious way to spice a cup of Cafe Campesino Mexico Chiapas into an exotically delicious Cafe Mocha!

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