Why our DIY Cold Brew is Great for Camping

What? You can make cold brew on a camping trip?

Yes. Making your own cold brew is probably the best choice for an overnight outdoor adventure. Here’s why:

1. It’s Easy to Prepare

Once your campsite is set-up, you can prep coffee for the next morning.  Simply drop a cold brew pack in water. Cover.  And forget about it until the next morning.  (Get step-by-step brewing instructions here.)

Why our DIY Cold Brew is Great for Camping 1
Drop a filter pack in water and let sit until morning.

2. It’s Lightweight

There are five pre-portioned filter packs in our 1lb Cold Brew bags.  Take one (or two) pack(s) with you. Drop them in a tupperware or ziplock and add them to your food supplies kit.

On-site, you’ll need a mug or a mason jar, or some sort of small thermos to soak the filter pack and water over night. So don’t forget to pack that.

3. Coffee is Ready before you Wake Up (ahhhh…..)

This is the best part. If you prep your cold brew when you’re done setting up your tent, your coffee work is done for the next morning. Just drop a cold brew filter pack into water, cover and let sit over night.

When you wake up the next morning, all you’ll need to do is remove the filter pack, and decide how you want to use the coffee. Your morning options will be: 1 – Drink the Coffee. OR 2- Dilute the Brew and Share with Friends. Maybe give it a taste, and then decide? If your cold-brewed coffee is too strong for you, add water (or ice if you have any on-site). Once you dilute the brew, you’ll have a little to share ;) Or, you can even share some of the concentrated brew, and let each person add water per their preference.

Why our DIY Cold Brew is Great for Camping 2

4. Drink it Cold or Hot

This is the fun part. Just because you cold brewed coffee doesn’t mean you can’t drink it hot. In fact, cold brew holds up really well to a little heat. Take care not to boil your brew, but if you prefer hot coffee in the morning, pour your diluted or concentrated brewed beverage into a sauce pan and heat it up over a camp stove. Don’t want it hot? Go with the camping flow, and drink it as-is.

5. Clean-up is Easy

If we didn’t have these filter packs, cold brew clean-up would honestly be a lot messier. But because all of your coffee grounds are contained in this one sealed, paper filter, you can easily remove it from your cold coffee and toss it in your compost or trash bag. Be sure to GENTLY remove the filter pack and grounds from the coffee beverage. The water-soaked coffee grounds get heavy and can tear the paper filter if you are not careful… (and then you’re back to the messy part of cold brew).

So, it’s Settled then. DIY Cold Brew When you Camp.

The ease of brewing, the simple clean up and the versatility of cold brew make it a perfect addition to a camping adventure. Plus, a filter pack goes a long way. You can get up to 6 servings of coffee per each filter pack if you dilute your concentrate with enough water.

Why our DIY Cold Brew is Great for Camping 3
July 17, 2020
BY Café Campesino
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