What Is So Cool About Cold Brew?

Cold brew is hot in the coffee world right now. 

Canned and bottled cold brew is everywhere, including being served up in your local cafe, in prepackaged bottles and cans on your grocery store shelves, and perhaps even on tap in corner bars. But not all coffee drinkers are instinctively drawn to this cold  and caffeinated concoction. At Cafe Campesino we love cold brew and, with the onset of a hot summer, we thought this would be a perfect time to tell you about what cold brew is and why we are so crazy about our take on it.

A Little Cold Brew History

The cold brew craze began sometime around 2010, picking up steam where iced coffee left off. Iced coffee had been a beverage that was almost an afterthought — coffee drinkers were adding their leftover coffee into a cup of ice as a cold caffeine-laden treat on a hot day and a method of combating waste. As this practice became an actual coffee drinking strategy, coffee houses began to take notice. Iced coffee is a fine way to drink your brew, but the coffee-to-ice ratio can often result in a watered-down experience about halfway through the drink. And that simply would not do for some coffee creatives. Armed with the challenge of a sub-standard cold coffee, some unsung heroes got to work on the problem at hand.

The Cold Brew Method

Enter cold brew. Cold brew took the concept of an iced coffee drink and attempted to solve the strength/ration conundrum. Instead of pouring cooled, regular-strength, brewed coffee over ice and trying to swill it before it became weak, some enterprising barista got the sweet idea of brewing it like one would brew a sun-tea. Instead of using scalding hot water to extract the flavor from the grounds, cold brew uses a combination of a lot more coffee grounds and time to release them. The coffee is brewed using a 50/50 ratio with water in order to reach a strength that, without ice, might make your hair stand on end.. That water/coffee ground combo are left to steep for 12-24 hours in order to reach the optimal flavor profile. The resulting concentrate can then be watered down to taste, combined with a creamer, or simply sipped as-is. This method solved the iced coffee deficiency and the hot and thirsty people rejoiced.


At Cafe Campesino we are especially proud of our Cold Brew. When putting our cold brew package together, we looked for a coffee that would excel in the high concentration that cold brewing requires. After a lot of trials and tastings, we chose coffees grown in the volcanic highlands of Guatemala by small-scale farmers of the Chajul and the APECAFORM cooperatives. Both of these groups produce a similarly delicious flavor profile that showcases deep notes of dark chocolate and sweet citrus undertones. This turns out cold brew that is full-bodied and a little sweet with a much lower acidity than what you would find when you brew our Guatemala coffee conventionally. We pre-ground and pre-portioned our cold brew coffee in filter packs so you can easily drop one into cold water. It’s an easy, clean way to brew your own cold brew at home. Your one-pound bag includes five 3.2 oz. filter packs that can make up to 20 servings of delicious, ice-cold cold brew.

Save 20%

So what is all the hubbub about cold brew? We can’t speak to anyone else’s, but if you try ours we are confident that you will see the light. To sweeten the pot, we are taking 20% off bags of Cold Brew through Wednesday 6/9. Just use the code COLDBREW20 at check out. Enjoy!

June 3, 2021
BY Matt Earley
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