The Kokowagayo Co-op is making history in Sumatra

Kokowagayo (Gayo Women Coffee Cooperative) is the first women’s coffee cooperative in Sumatra. Established in 2014, the co-op located in the Gayo Mountain region in the Aceh Province, Sumatra– the heart of coffee country in Sumatra.

The role of women in coffee production has always been very important. Women are involved in each step, from farm maintenance to processing coffee for export. Having acquired this expertise a few women associated with Permata Gayo cooperative created a women’s organization of coffee farmers. Their goals are to increase the income and quality of life for women farmers and their families through agriculture and the coffee trade, and to improve their financial management skills. Each member of the women’s cooperative is the acknowledged manager of her family’s coffee farm, recognized as such by her family and community.

The profile of Kokowagayo coffee is sweet, with milk chocolate and cooked fruit flavors, along with mildly earthy, hoppy and guava notes. Delicate acidity, and a round and chewy body are other unique traits of coffees from the Gayo mountain region. Try this amazing coffee in our Sumatra French Roast, it is full-flavored, sweet, and an all-day drinker.

April 13, 2021
BY Matt Earley
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