SO Grateful for Staff

It’s impossible to have a month of gratitude without recognizing our awesome staff. These folks work behind the scenes to bring you Cafe Campesino. We are SOooo grateful for their hard work and positive energy. We want you to know them, too.

Our Production Crew

SO Grateful for Staff 1

Led by Esme Hernandez, this crew roasts, packs, grinds and seals all the coffee that leaves Cafe Campesino. They are some of the hardest working, most joyful people we know. Their laughter, attention-to-detail and pursuit of excellence makes our product what it is. We are so grateful to Esme, Itzel Reyes (not pictured here), Erika Hernandez, Barbie Phillips and Thomas Weber. This is a busy time of year, and they keep the coffee flowing. We. Are. Grateful.

SO Grateful for Staff 2

Our Location Manager

Cori Lyman-Barner is the voice behind the phone and the personality behind customer service emails. She makes sure your orders get entered and processed, working directly with Esme to get them out of the roastery. She also makes sure our roastery location stays sparkling clean, our production crew gets time off and every miscellaneous coffee need that comes through the door gets managed. We are so grateful to Cori for working diligently with all of our customers and staff to make sense of what could easily be coffee chaos.

SO Grateful for Staff 3

Our Delivery Driver

After 10 or so years in our customer service seat, Dave traded in his view of a computer for the open road. He knows our roastery, our customers, and so many back roads between Americus and Western North Carolina. We are so grateful to him for his long-running commitment to small-scale coffee farmers and his endurance to drive to and from Atlanta every week… and to and from North Carolina and Savannah every other week. Honk if you see Dave in our giant delivery van.

SO Grateful for Staff 4


Coffee House Manager/New England Culinary Institute Alum-turned COO (chief operating officer), Lee Harris’s behind-the-scenes wisdom helps steer our ship. Whether it’s crunching numbers, cupping coffees, training coffee house staff on made-from-scratch baking or overseeing purchasing, Lee stays busy. He served as the company’s first roastmaster back in the day, and it’s so fun to have him back.

SO Grateful for Staff 5

Our Bookkeeper

We drive her crazy with our vacation requests and under-reported sick days and old invoices and need for petty cash…but (we think?) she love us anyway. We sure love her! We couldn’t survive without Marcia Dupree’s skillful management of our accounts receivables and our accounts payables and all things in between. She is truly a behind-the-scenes shero for our company.

Our Webmaster and BRAG Brewmaster

SO Grateful for Staff 6

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the folks who’ve been around the longest. But not Geoffrey! Geoffrey started as our first customer when he lived out at Koinonia, and he’s been with us ever since. His work is so critical to our team that we all have him on speed-dial. He’s an expert in bulk brewing, having brewed coffee for so many Bicycle Ride Across Georgia events we’ve quit counting. But most importantly, he’s our all-things-tech adviser and our webmaster. Making sure our sites stay secure, updated and optimized is critically important this time of year, and we are SOOO grateful to have his support on that.. and so many other things.

Last but not least OUR COFFEE HOUSE STAFF

These folks rock. Led by Ifah Hathcock, this amazing crew of food service industry professionals is one of the best in the biz. Not only do they make sure Cafe Campesino coffee is outstandingly brewed for both drip and espresso drinks, they also make breakfast and lunch FROM SCRATCH (thank you, Lee Harris). The baked goods and sandwiches are some of the best there are in any coffee shop anywhere. And the crew taking your order and prepping it always has such an amazing, positive attitude. They are: Ifah Hathcock, April Rustin, Savannah Morgan-Barber, Karen Montano, Javier Abendando, Heather Thornburgh, Kasie Ware, Conner Batchelor ,Nathan Gibson and Alex Exum. (Pictured here from left-to-right are: Javier, Alex, Savannah, Ifah and April). They inspire us.

five people posing for a picture that recognizes coffee house staff. They are wearing dark shirts and cafe campesino hats and are posing in what looks to be a coffee house.

WE ARE GRATEFUL. We could not do Cafe Campesino without these awesome people.

(Looking for someone not here? They’re awesome, too. Check out our staff page to learn more about our crew.)

November 27, 2019
BY Café Campesino
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