Share Kindness with Coffee

Kindness goes a long way.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been heartened by the stories of kindness. Small acts that are seemingly insignificant in a world where we’re trying navigating a pandemic and hundreds of years of racism.

Small, random acts of kindness give us hope.

The moms who’ve employed their sewing skills to supply local healthcare providers with masks. The anonymous donors who purchase pizzas for the emergency room crews at the local hospital. The police officers who bring protesters water. The regular customers who buy gift certificates at their favorite restaurants- just to show support to the small business owner. The teachers who take cards to their students at home, just to tell them they’ve missed them during quarantine.

It’s the small, seemingly random acts of kindness that speak volumes to a recipient. It says that you’ve noticed them. They matter to you. And you’ve cared enough to tell them.

Share Kindness with Coffee 1
Buy 3 or more pounds of coffee between June 13-21, and we’ll throw-in an extra pound.

Random Acts of Coffee

From June 13-21, we’d like to offer our coffee as a tool for kindness.

If you purchase three or more pounds of coffee from us, we’ll throw in an extra pound for you to share with someone else. Commit a Random Act of Coffee. Share kindness.

Give a Pound to Someone Else

The offer applies to purchases made in our webstore, at our coffee house, and at our booth at Morningside Farmers Market in Atlanta.

Share kindness through coffee. Show someone they matter to you.

Share Kindness with Coffee 2
June 11, 2020
BY Café Campesino
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2 Responses

  1. How does the 1 pound get added?
    I have 2 bags of 2 ponds each in my shopping cart but I don’t see where/how I get the additional pound.


    1. Hi Giovanni,
      Thank you for being in touch! You may already know this by now (so sorry for the belated reply), we select the coffee to include and add it to your shipment. So if you ordered two 2-pound bags, we’d add a random 1 pound bag to include in your order. No code or prompt needed.

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