How to Brew a French Press

We know you know the French Press. It’s often the first stop for anyone who loves coffee and wants to experiment with their brew method.

The French Press is an immersion brew method, meaning that coffee grounds sit with hot water during the entire brew time. There is also no paper filter used. This type of brew method can produce a rich, creamy coffee with a full body and full extraction.

Tips for Brewing a French Press

Brew a French Press if you:

  • Like a Full-Bodied Coffee
  • Want to Brew a Rich, Bold Cup

Get the Grind-Size Correct

  • Use a Coarser Grind when Brewing a French Press
  • Because coffee grounds are sitting with hot water during the entire brew process, a finer grind of coffee will extract more quickly. If the grind size is too fine and your brew time is 2-4 minutes, you will get a bitter, sludgy, not-at-all-tasty brew. So, it is very important your grind size is not too fine, or if it is, your total brew time is much shorter than the 4 minutes often recommended for French Press brewing.

Control Key Brewing Variables

  • Use a Water Temperature between 195 – 205 degrees F
  • Stir Coffee Grounds immediately after adding water so that they are Completely Saturated
  • Plunge Coffee Grounds Just Below Water Surface
  • Allow Coffee & Water to Sit about 4 mins Before Fully Depressing the French Press Plunge
  • Use a Food Scale on the Grams Setting

Our French-Press Brewing Recipe

Yields: about 3 eight oz. cups

Coffee-to-Water Brew Ratio: 1:15

  • Pre-heat Water to about 200 degrees F
  • Weigh 45 Grams Coffee
  • Grind Coffee on a Coarse Setting
  • Pour Ground Coffee into French Press & Shake to Level Coffee Bed
  • Pour 100 Grams of 200-degree-Farenheit water over Ground Coffee & Let Bloom for 30 Seconds
  • After 30 seconds, Continue Pouring Water until the Total Water Poured Weighs 675 grams
  • Give Grinds a Quick Stir & Plunge Just Below Water Surface
  • Let sit for 4 mins
  • After 4 mins, Depress Plunger Completely
  • Serve & Enjoy!

Start Brewing a French Press with Shade-Grown Coffee

All of our coffees are certified organic, fair trade and shade-grown. If you’re getting started with a French Press, we recommend the Georgia Audubon Blend. As a Full City roast, this coffee is neither too light nor too dark and should get you a full bodied, sweet, slightly citrusy cup if you brew according to the recipe above. SHOP NOW.

How to Brew a French Press 1

Learn More about Coffee Brewing

Read our Coffee Brewing Frequently Asked Questions

January 7, 2021
BY Café Campesino
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