Grateful to Conscious Consumers

Running a small business might be one of the hardest jobs there is.  If you’re the one(s) in charge, you are always working.  You’re always solving problems.   Planning ahead.   Dealing with yesterday’s issues. Stocking product. Taking inventory, managing employees, dealing with human resources-related issues, marketing, selling, marketing, selling, overseeing customer service issues, cleaning, fixing that piece of equipment, marketing, selling, evaluating, tweaking.  Constantly improving. Your business is a child that always needs attention. You love it.  But it never stops needing attention.

Most of our wholesale customers are these people.  They’re the folks who had an idea and are wildly committed to seeing it through.   They are constantly learning, constantly working and constantly thinking about their business. 

We are so grateful to them. 

We are not only grateful that they had the courage to follow their dreams and jump into the world of small-business ownership- where they ‘dig-in” to the everyday life of their communities, offering folks a safe place to gather or others a place to work.  But we are also grateful that they’ve chosen us as their coffee roaster.

a gentleman in a black shirt that says "the sentient bean" stands holding a pan of cinnamon rolls in front of a wall of coffee beans.
The Sentient Bean in Savannah, Georgia, is one of our longest standing customers. They sell Cafe Campesino by the pound and by the cup….and make some pretty amazing vegan cinnamon rolls (as seen here). Photo by: The Sentient Bean.

By choosing to work with us, they’ve said that they care about the fate of the small-scale farmer.  They want to source organic coffee.  They believe in the power of farmer-owned cooperatives.  They don’t want coffee to be a nameless, faceless product.  And they know they can help.  They know they have a place in this supply chain.  They know their work is critical for creating the pull-through small farmers’ need to move their product.  They know these farmers are investing in the their own communities and farming in a way that helps preserve the planet.   AND…. They know that their customers will care.

Their coffee house customers are like our online customers…  or our own coffee house customers in Americus.  They’re conscious consumers.    We are convinced conscious consumers have the power to save the planet.

Conscious Consumers are Making a Difference

Just down the road from Americus, in Bluffton, Georgia, friends of ours at White Oak Pastures have been practicing rotational grazing, organics and regenerative agriculture for a little over 20 years.  Though they’ve been farming their land in Bluffton since the late 1800’s, it wasn’t until 1995 that Will Harris returned his farming operations to “radically traditional” farming practices that restore health to the livestock and to the soil. 

This year, international sustainability consultancy Quantis released a Life Cycle Assessment of White Oak’s beef. They wanted to assess the total environmental impact of White Oak’s beef production, because the conventional beef industry is known to be a top offender in the world’s green-house gas emissions.

The study found that White Oak’s soil teems with life.  The farm wasn’t just carbon neutral (which alone is hard-to-do in the world of livestock farming) but it was actually carbon positive.  A holistic approach to farming that includes planned rotational grazing has made White Oak’s soil capable of sequestering more carbon than their cows emit in their lifetimes. Keeping carbon in the soil ultimately helps cool the planet.

Now take that concept from the cattle farms of South Georgia to the coffee lands around the Equator. Small-scale coffee farmers are also practicing regenerative agriculture – fostering biodiversity in their soil and on their farms (and soon they will be able to measure their own carbon footprint) . Suddenly, a patchwork of healthy soils starts to form around the globe… helping to cool the planet.

But neither White Oak Pastures, nor small-scale coffee farmers would be able to survive if it weren’t for conscious consumers.  Customers who care enough to ask questions and seek business transparency.  Customers who demand a sustainable supply chain alongside a great-tasting product.  Customers who are willing to change their purchasing habits or spend a little more from time-to-time.

Man wearing white shirt and a hat talks with shorter women in a busy setting.

We are so grateful to those customers who care. Wholesale and retail.  Big and small. Coffee shops, natural food markets, food-service institutions, general stores, offices, restaurants, places of worship, individuals at home.  We absolutely would not exist if it weren’t for you. 

Thank you. And please stay engaged. Your purchases matter.

Conscious Consumption On-the-Road: Visit our Customers

If you’re a Cafe Campesino coffee drinker, and you’d like to support some of our wholesale customers, you can visit them at these locations.

November 19, 2019
BY Café Campesino
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