Flash Brew Colombia Coffee

Because it’s still hot outside, and because we all need a little variety from time-to-time, we’re Flash Brewing our Colombia Medium Roast Coffee.

What is Flash Brew?

“Flash brew” is a fancy (dare we say.. flashy :) term for a very simple brew method. Bascially, you brew coffee over ice. Instead of using all the water you would normally use to brew coffee, you split up that total water weight between ice and water.

You might have also heard flash brew called the “Japanese Iced Coffee” method. It’s the same thing. Last year, we detailed a recipe for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe using this method. See that recipe here.

This summer, we give you…. Flash-brewed Colombia Medium. Yes, we’ve tried it. Yes, we love it. Yes, you can do this at home.

Flash Brew Colombia Coffee 1

How to Flash-Brew Colombia Coffee

Our Colombia Coffee

We source this coffee from small-scale organic coffee farmers based in Cauca, Colombia. These farmers make up the some 400-member cooperative, Fondo Paez, which works to preserve local, indigenous Nasa culture. Fondo Paez is also deeply committed to restoring and caring for nature, and their attention to detail shines in their organic farming certification, as well as in the quality of their coffee.

Four Arabica varieties predominate at Fondo Paez. They are: Typica, Colombia, Caturra and Castillo. They are grown at altitudes of 1,500-1,900 meters above sea level.

We roast Fondo Paez’s coffee at a medium roast, one of the lightest roast profiles we carry. Brewed hot, this coffee has notes of cherry, vanilla and caramel and has a medium-to-high acidity.

Flash Brew Colombia Coffee 2

Our Flash-Brew Recipe for Colombia Medium Roast

This recipe is designed for a single-cup of coffee. You can increase these proportions for a bigger batch size, but you will likely want to coarsen the grind.

Brew Summary

  • Brew Method: Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Maker
  • Coffee Weight: 15 grams
  • Grind Size: Medium-Fine
  • Ice: 130 grams
  • Water: 130 grams
  • Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 1:17 (It’s actually 17.3, or 15 grams of coffee to 260 grams of water)
  • Brew Time: Under 2 mins

Materials Needed

  • Melitta Brewer
  • Melitta Filter
  • Carafe or Glass to Capture Brewed Coffee
  • Scale
  • Ginder (or Pre-Ground Coffee)
  • Cafe Campesino Colombia Medium Roast Coffee
  • 130 grams Ice
  • 200 grams Water
  • Hot Water Kettle

Brewing Steps

  1. Assemble All Materials.
  2. Add Water to Kettle and Heat to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Grind Colombia Medium to Medium-Fine Grind.
  4. Place filter inside Pour-Over Dripper.
  5. Pre-wet filter with Hot Water (let drain over sink).
  6. Weigh 130 grams of Ice into Glass Carafe.
  7. Add 15 Grams of Medium-Fine Grind Colombia to your Pre-wet Filter.
  8. Place Filter on top of Iced Carafe (gently shake filter so that coffee levels into a flat brew bed).
  10. Pour hot water over your coffee grounds. Stop pouring when you’ve gotten all grounds wet. (Shoot for about 40 grams of water or fewer on this first pour).
  11. Wait 30 seconds.
  12. Now, slowly pour hot water over grounds until all grounds are wet again. Let sit for about 15 seconds.
  13. Repeat step 12 until your water weight has reached 130 grams.
  14. Remove Melitta Dripper and Pour your Coffee-Ice-Slurry into a Glass.
  15. Add Ice & Enjoy!

Flavor Notes for Flash-brewed Colombia

Flash-brewed Colombia Medium Roast coffee is so sweet and juicy, it’s almost refreshing.

Aroma: Sweet, Brown Sugar
Body: Light-to Medium
Tasting Notes: Meyer Lemon, Brown Sugar

This is a Saturday-morning brunch coffee. It’s bright, juicy, acidic and sweet, and it’s great to pair with rich, savory breakfast foods.

August 21, 2020
BY Café Campesino
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  1. Tripp not to be a party popper but it got outside and I’m not going to convert the grams to ounces. Yes this crazy American wants the recipe in ounces

  2. Simple & straightforward Recipe! The process you used looks quicker. I definitely try Flash-Brew Colombia Coffee recipe at home. Thank you for sharing the amazing new flavor of the coffee.

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