In solidarity with coffee producers, our customers, and ethical coffee companies around the world, we are making a commitment to be fully transparent in our coffee buying.

What does the Transparency Pledge Mean for Cafe Campesino?

For years, we have posted online the prices we pay farmer cooperatives. But today we are making a commitment to go deeper. In accordance with The Transparency Pledge, we will make available not just our Free on Board (FOB) Price for green coffees, but also the quality scores for our coffees, the volume of coffee we purchase from each co-op, and the length of time we’ve purchased from each producer group.

Over the next month, we will make this information available for every coffee we purchase. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our Current Coffee Lots page and click on each lot number to see our coffee contracts and FOB pricing for all of the coffees we are currently roasting.

Why Coffee Price Transparency is Important

We believe that price transparency is the first step in getting coffee producers more money. The coffee industry does not have an answer to the pricing crisis that has plagued coffee farmers for years- but desperately over the past few months.. Currently, the C market sets the worldwide benchmark for green specialty coffee pricing. That price affects how farmers get paid, but it never reflects their true costs of production. As a result, thousands of farmers around the world are being forced out of coffee production, sometimes producing other crops. Some are leaving their homes entirely- risking their lives to find a more sustainable income. To stop this trend, and make coffee truly sustainable, farmers must earn more money.

Solidarity in a Common Code of Transparency

Price transparency means very little when it is given out of context or simply used as a marketing tool. Today we join fellow roasters and importers around the world to create a common code for price transparency. Each of us is committed to making the following available for at least 1 coffee we sell:

  • Making Transparency Data Publicly Available and Easily Accessible
  • Stating the Producer/Producer Organization the Coffee was Purchased From
  • Stating the FOB Price Paid for the Coffee
  • Indicating the Quality of the Coffee
  • Stating the Volume of that Coffee Purchased
  • Stating the Length of the Relationship between the Producer and the Buyer
  • Stating the Percentage for Transparent Coffees in Relation to the Total Volume of Coffee Sold in a Stated Year

Who is taking the Pledge?

By taking the Transparency Pledge, we are standing alongside: TraidCraft of the United Kingdom; Cooperative Coffees of North America; Transcend Coffee + Roastery of Canada; Coffee Collective of Denmark; Flying Roasters of Germany; QuijoteKaffee of Germany; Cross Coffee of Germany; Sweetwater Organic Coffee of Florida, USA; Seven Seeds Coffee of Australia; Onyx Coffee Lab of Oklahoma, USA; Tim Wendelboe of Norway; Junior’s Roasted Coffee of Oregon, USA and Counter Culture Coffee of North Carolina, USA.

We salute their willingness to collaborate and work to create a better specialty coffee industry.

We invite other coffee companies around the world to join us. Learn more or sign-up at www.transparency.coffee

June 28, 2019
BY blog2_q3hku8
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