An Update: Our Groundwork for Sustainability

Nema Etheridge

With big business buying up key roasters in specialty coffee, the heat to survive is turned up.  But long before Blue Bottle was purchased by Nestle or majority shares of Stumptown and Intellegentsia were sold to Luxembourg-based, JAB Holdings, we were planning Café Campesino’s road map to 2040.

Cafe Campesino Supports Dreamers & the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

Cafe Campesino Coffee

September 15, 2017

Dear Friends,

Since our founding 20 years ago, Café Campesino has been a leader in the fair trade movement, advocating for social and economic justice on behalf of, and in partnership with, small-scale coffee farmers throughout the world. Our work as fair trade coffee roasters is driven by an unflagging commitment to doing business by the Golden Rule and a set of core values that frame the decisions we make and actions we take on a daily basis. Those core values include: Be Fair, Build Community, Celebrate People, and Do the Right Thing.

Finding the Best Coffee Grinder for Home

Hannah Mercer


People ask me all the time what’s one thing they can do to step up their coffee game in the morning. Once you go beyond buying high quality, fresh coffee, the answer is simple: buy your coffee whole bean and grind it fresh every morning. With that being said... there are hundreds of grinder options on the market, and choosing the right one for your lifestyle can be overwhelming. Here are a few questions, and suggestions, to help you find the right grinder for your morning brew.

Aeropress Vs. French Press: Which is better and how do I choose?

Hannah Mercer

It seems in the coffee world there is the ever-present question: “Which brew method is better?”. Professionals and avid home users alike will all champion one as their favorite, swearing that it produces THE BEST cup of coffee, every time. But with so many brew methods out there, they can’t all be right, can they? Well… yes. They can.

The Aerobie Aeropress and the ever-popular French Press are two heavy-hitters in manual brewing and often get compared to one another (unfairly, if you ask me). While they have a lot of similarities (easy to use, minimal cleanup, both are full-immersion brewing methods, etc.), comparing the two is really an “apples-to-oranges” conversation. But since this question gets asked time-and-time again… let’s have that conversation.

Specialty Coffee Happens Thanks to Indigenous Peoples

Cafe Campesino Coffee

It’s fitting that “International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples” (Aug. 9) falls squarely in the middle of “National Coffee Month” (August).

Nearly all our coffees come from indigenous communities around the world. The contributions of indigenous peoples to specialty coffee are exceptional, and we would have little to offer our customers without the hard work of people like the Ixil in the Guatemalan Highlands or the Gayo in the mountains of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Coffee Education at Origin: Our Roaster Gets a Deeper Look in Guatemala

Cafe Campesino Coffee

Ethan Ryan, our roaster extraordinaire, traveled to Guatemala for the first time in May to meet producer partners at the APECAFORM cooperative, learn about coffee harvesting and exporting, and generally polish up on his Spanish. It was his first time abroad. And his first time at coffee origin.

Back on the Bike: a Debrief of BRAG 2017

Cafe Campesino Coffee

Bicycle Ride Across Georgia has become an important part of Cafe Campesino's identity over the years.  We've served coffee in the mornings, cycled the routes and even developed a special blend, BRAG Brew, in honor of the annual ride.  

5 Reasons to Train your Baristas

Cafe Campesino Coffee

Coffee training is such a vital part of a coffee shop’s success that many shop-owners send their staff to get trained. Our own Hannah Mercer is teaching coffee classes this week at Barista Camp- an annual training session for new baristas. It is organized by the Barista Guild of America and the Specialty Coffee Association.

Before she left, Hannah listed her top 5 reasons coffee shop owners should train their baristas. 

Notes from the Road: Hannah in Colombia

Cafe Campesino Coffee

Cauca, Colombia- Hannah Mercer, our sales, customer service and training representative, is pictured here (center) with school children in La Nueva Colonia, a community located deep in the coffee-producing highlands of the Cordillera Central mountains of Colombia- home to Fondo Paez.

Sustaining Community: The Work of the Modern Coffee Professional

Cafe Campesino Coffee


In Spanish the word “esperanza” means hope, so it is fitting that one of fair trade coffee’s most hopeful protagonists would be named Esperanza. Esperanza Dionisio Castillo leads Peru’s CAC Pangoa cooperative, a farmer-owned enterprise of some 700 campesinos headquartered east of the Andes mountains.

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