Weekly Coffee Recipe: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Latte

Cafe Campesino

Here's an imaginative way to serve Cafe Campesino Fair Trade coffee when you're done feasting. Presenting the Post-Thanksgiving Pumpkin Latte! 

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Coffee Honey Ham

Cafe Campesino

Forget the tired old ways of cooking your holiday ham. This recipe for preparing your favorite holiday ham is sure to liven up your feast.  Ours is a Heritage pork 'Picnic Roast' humanely raised by our good friends down the road at White Oak Pastures. Just make sure to save some for leftovers

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Coffee Pecan Pie

Cafe Campesino

Here's a new twist on a perennial holiday favorite. Serve it on Thanksgiving, as a delightful finish to the feast!

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Coffee Bath Salts

Cafe Campesino

Don't worry, these aren't the kind of 'bath salts' that turn people into flesh-eating zombies... Instead, this unconventional coffee recipe makes a great do-it-yourself gift idea. But don't eat them!

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Spicy Halloween Ginger Cake

Cafe Campesino

This spicy ginger-apple cake is studded with chocolate chips and goes great with a cup of The Dark Side French Roast, or your favorite Cafe Campesino single origin coffee. We're not sure how it got named after the spookiest holiday, but it is a great way to use those fresh autumn apples. The addition of molasses means it also matches our black and orange decor!

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Coffee Spice-Grind Rub

Cafe Campesino

With grilling season in full swing, here's a spice rub that brings an intriguing flavor to beef, pork, chicken or duck.

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Easy Espresso Pumpkin Pie

Cafe Campesino

Find out what espresso adds to traditional pumpkin pie, energize your pumpkins with this delicious seasonal recipe! While you're defying convention, why not try a scoop of coffee ice cream instead of whipped cream?

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Gingersnap Scones with Espresso Glaze

Cafe Campesino

We amended a recipe from Cooking Light magazine to come up with this delicious breakfast treat. Talk about a double hit — Fair Trade coffee in your cup, Fair Trade coffee in your scones.

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Sumatran-Java Marinade

Cafe Campesino

This marinade was inspired by a trip to visit our Indonesian trading partners at Permato Gayo. It works very well on London Broil or Steak, but would also be pretty tasty on pork or your next shish kebab experiment. A great use for leftover black coffee (the stronger the better), marinaded and grilled flank steak pairs well with an Asian-inspired chopped salad or simple grilled corn and tomatoes.

Weekly Coffee Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Cafe Campesino

Alright everyone, seems like it gets earlier every year, but like it or not, the arrival of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes means the trees will soon be turning and then the holidays are right around the corner. Cafe Campesino's fair trade version of the PSL is a totally delectable drink made with real pumpkin so you get that beyond-basic, rich flavor that says "soon we will be raking leaves."

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